SPIDER-MAN poster complete

(Nayman) #1

this is not the full poster, simply a teaser poster to get our friends excited for our visual Romp of a movie. Please give comments and critisizms on realness of character (supposed to look a little cartoony) and of the overall fe

(SGT Squeaks) #2

honestly, I think its a little bit plain. I hope I don’t sound mean but its just doesn’t look very exciting. I think most of that is because of the composition. But the character looks good.

(valarking) #3

yes it is good, but it needs something to make me pay attention to it more. it needs a better sense of “motion”

(Jamesk) #4

Some motion blur on spiderDude wouldn’t hurt! And maybe it would be more exciting if he was sort of coming towards the camera rather than the current sideview feeling. Nice job anyways.

(Nayman) #5

eyah, this isnt the poster… its jsut a hype thing, like a little pamphlet we are emailing around, the real poster is undwerway

(valarking) #6


(macouno) #7

Ehm how come spideys wire goes under the street light in the right top there??? isn’t that a bit low? i’d think he’d shoot his sticky stuff at buildings and go higher above the street.
Or at least that light shouldn’t be there.

(Nayman) #8

he swings pretty low sometimes, like inbetween cars, but good point

(IMProvisar) #9

I thought Spiderman was a good guy? I know if I saw some guy in red and blue tights shoot past my windshield, I’d probably get into a wreck, and perhaps be seriously injured. How insensitive for Spidey to be so wreckless with our lives…



(IMProvisar) #10

Actually, looking at it, I think the angle of the spider’s silk is a bit off. Unless it’s anchored right out of sight, I think he’d splat on the street before getting to the bottom of the arc. But looks good.


(SGT Squeaks) #11

hehe, splat!!

(mthoenes) #12

I really like it… Nice work. I think the only thing I would change is the Slogan. It looks like it is trying to be the “poster”… Give it a subtle title, “Spiderman Sighting 1”
it could be part of a sighting series and he could be sighted in all sorts of interesting places. Building Tops, Phone booths, McDonalds, etc…

Just my opinion,