SPIDER-MAN via Nayman &Lubimyer

I would like to thank Lubimyer for rigging up my first character for me. I am sure it is old hat for him, but he did a wonderful job anyways. I still have a lot of learning to do to animate it, and i am by no means saying i deserve his fine armature… but i have it anyways!!!


anyhoo, here is my first test, a short swing for my spidey model (its my first charcter model so go easy on him)
Enjoy… comments on movement (i know the problems (i.e. hands, one leg jerks) and comments on webbing!


WOW! very cool. so how did you do the webbing? animated line?


subsurfaced rectanglur prism animated with an amrature

best way i could think

gotta animate it frame by fram though

Very sweet! Left foot/ankle looks like it breaks at bottom of swing. Awkward movement.

Other than that, just awesome :o


I agree that the ankle movement looks broken (and that will take some time to fix if you anim frame by frame) but other than that this is almost better than the movie :slight_smile: .


wow, pretty cool!

especially considering this is your first model and stuff
I’m not going to criticise you too much on the animation, i’m pretty sure this is a WIP and that you are working on that right now… right? :slight_smile:

Yeas, of course