Spider Mech


Yes, I know that spiders are supposed to have 8 legs, but it just truned out this way :smiley:
I made this spider mech as I wanted to improve my hardsurface modeling skills.
It was modeled and unwraped in Blender 2.9 + textured in Substance painter

Sketchfab model:

Turntable animation:

spider1.mp4 from Petr Vetecnik on Vimeo.


Maybe i understand next to nothing from art or design nor what looks potentially good but my personal opinion is that places where they are attached to its body are too thin, while it just feels like they are going to break off in a sec. I think it would have a lot more better visual feel if their thickness would be as thick as the bit above two painted ^^ sprites. But over all it looks totally wicked and addictive iā€™d say.

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Hi Subscr9be,
thx for your honest feedback, I do really appreciate, because it is quite important to know how people see what I do. Actually it is very good point regarting the legs and when I am looking back at it I have to agree with you. It probably comes out this way because I was exaggerating too much. I wanted the legs to look strong in a way, but did not realize, that the proportins of the legs where they are attached to the body are really thin :smiley: Thx for stopping by :metal:

Woah, love it!

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thx a lot :smiley:

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