Spider Mech

All terrain mobile combat unit. Created in Blender 2.71, rendered in cycles. Concept art by 152mm (Deviant Art)
Comments and critiques welcome!

New render!

Im not completly happy with the realism of the grass, or my glossy metal material. So needs some work! Any comments welcome!..Will have to do a lil compositing once I get these materials right, and work on the grass some. Any ideas?

Super cool! would love to see textured…

Thats actually the plan!..Textured up, destroyed urban background, rigging and short battle animation! Thx for the reply, will be posting as I progress!

Fantastic model, Looks great so far. I like the material, is it some form of a Toon Shader setup?

Thanks for the kind words. This material is actually just a superglossy chrome, nothing special with some hard shadows and reflections. I’m currently redoing the material completely, and adding a background scene.