spider on desk

at first this was just a test to find a way of iserting blender objects into a digital image whithout having to create a full 3d environment, but then i liked it so much that i wanted to put it here. as you all have seen enough monkeyheads, with which i tested the setup, i created the spider model you see now.

due to the resolution limits on this page the quality may be poor but if you are interested in a hd shot you can download it as .tga here

That looks pretty good, i like the shadow

if you wanted to increase realism, adding noise to the spider would make it fit in more.

Wow! That just looks great! How did you do the compositing? :slight_smile:

thanks for your comments
@joeyea what do you exacly mean with noise?
i used the noise function in the mesh tools tab but i dont see any difference?

the way this was done is very!!! simple but not very flexible i will write some mini tutorial for those who want to know

GREAT!!! i liked the MONITOR more then SPIDER becouse spider is small great i like it :)))))))))))):slight_smile: