Spider on the Bridge

Perhaps some of the community have seen this piece of art in Amsterdam by the end of 2018, called Spider on the bridge. Designed for Amsterdam light festival. and executed by Groupe Laps.

As it was very popular over there you can find a lot of pictures of it on the web or Instagram.

We where really happy to produce this giant spider made from smallest spiders. Of course, as you can guess it, every stuffs where designed with blender 2.79.
You can imagine that, mounting a big structure like this, is not so easy. But, with our beloved blender this became possible.

I m a 3d professional since 20 years and i was bored about making “immaterial” stuffs during all days,
sited on a chair, in front of a screen. So i’ve decided to join the collective Groupe Laps 8 years ago.
Now, i feel myself more balanced in between reality and virtual world. and i can spend time in front of my screen working for video game or entertainment or what-else around 3d, because i know i ll soon go back to my screw driver and my cherry picker.

i would like to share with you some of the pictures issues from the blend file. hope you ll appreciate.
The Spider Rig is quiet simple but not so easy to do because of the deferred articulations in between each segments. It does not contain any optional drivers or complicated method. i my point of view,more it’s simple, more efficient it’s.

Cheers and happy blending


Very nice…

The only thing I would improve is…

At the moment the legs are a little all in time with each other… well, there’s 2 sets of legs - set 1 all move together, and so do set 2. I think by shuffling some keyframes forward and backward … maybe so that the front legs move before the back legs… you could improve the walkcycle a lot.

thx for the advice. It was on the pipe.