Spider Pim


Continuing to learn Blender, I’ve made this little spider :slight_smile:
He’s very curious as you can see.

Next I plan to try to do some simple animation of him going down from the above and curiously looking in the mirror.

If you have any comments, suggestions for improvements, pointers to the mistakes i made etc, i would be glad to hear them, thanks.

UPD: uploaded one more image with updated environment :slight_smile:


I will :)))

This is looking pretty good and i like the idea behind it.

I have a few parts where it could make the image look that little bit more polished.

The grass, try adjusting the density of it a little bit more.

Try adding a brick wall, perhaps a garden wall or the wall of house to the background if you dont want to extend the grass/ trees to cover up that part.

Also reduce the specular highlight on the dirt.

for the lighting, the scene is lit quite plainly, i would recommend that you use spot lights, make a spot lamp and focus it on the spider, with software shadows this will make the spide and the mirror the center piece of the image. Then create spot lamps behind and around the spider/ tree to bring out the edges and perhaps create highlights on certain parts of the spider/ mirror/ tree etc.

Yes, I thought about that too - the left side of the scene is looking too empty. That’s why I put a tree branch there, but perhaps I should try something else indeed :slight_smile:

Specular highlight - same, noticed this, will reduce it i guess, you’re right.

As for ligths - I’m still feeling a bit lame with lighting setup :slight_smile: There are already several lights targeted at the spider - from the front, back and side. I’ve created the sun also.
Generally I want to make the scene more bright, so it would be more sunny, summer like. Will have to experiment more with this.

Thanks for suggestions!

where are the legs?
looks funny though


I added some other environment like fence and that… dunno how it is called in English :slight_smile: dog house?..

Attached updated image to the first post.

He has no legs due to his wonderland nature :stuck_out_tongue: