Spider Robot

Allrighty. I’m workin’ on a robot for a movie I’m workin’ on.

I’ve figured out most of the technical stuff, but right now I’m just tryin’ to come up with more ideas. Does anyone have any advice for the creation of the robot? Any suggestions? Please!

This is the official production thread of the robot (it’s part of a larger forum for the movie, which is part of a larger forum called The Big Red Button (www.thebrb.com. It’s a good place. Check it out):


And this is kinda the robot as it is now.


And with the gun of death…


Any suggestions would be very much appreciated! :smiley: This is my first Blender project, so whatever you say, you’re probably right. :slight_smile: [/list]

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suggestions? wouldn’t dare!
looks great so far.

What he said.

only thing i could think of is set auto smooth on so you dont see the lines on curved surfaces.


that’s very nice. I like the way the pieces are open so you can see through them a bit. if you want to get rid of those facets on the barrel just select it and press ‘set smooth’ and then ‘auto smooth’.

Thanks! I shall try that.


I viewed your gallery on Renderosity. You have a great deal of talent. I look forward to seeing more of your work in the future.

Your spider is awsome so far.

As far as suggestions, I would say rent Wild Wild West that came out in 1999, and take some ques from the 80-foot iron spider. The only reason I mention it is because it was just on TV the other night.

looking good so far.



No crits at all. Very well done.


wow, thats cool! i wanna see the movie :stuck_out_tongue:


Didn’t expect it to be a WIP. Looks great so far. Only thing I can say is keep it up.

DANG!!! THAT’S AWESOME!!! If only I could come close to modeling that well!!! Are you going to add any different colors? It might look neat with maybe some black pipes or something like that just for color variation.

YES! That’s it exactly. I need to figure out texturing. Until now I haven’t experimented with it at all, so I kinda need to learn EVERYTHING!

Anyone have any ideas for the texture scheme? How it should look? Shiny, or all grungy?


i dislike the repeating pattersn a bit.

otherwise kick ass. the second image schows a nice light setup!
did you use AO?

now we want to see it animated with all mechanical parts realy moving :wink:


WAUWWAUWWAUW! :o looks damn good :smiley: even I can’t make somthing so good ( kinda bad now when I got my own 3d company :smiley: ) can’t wait for a anim of it :wink:

Texturing would be nice. Well, for practice, make a grungy rusty texture. If you don’t like it, it’s very easy to hit it with an overall raytraced shiny metal.

Here’s a suggestion on something to add: lights. Put little red (or blue or whatever) lights of varying sizes in strategic places. It’ll break up the visual monotony off all those hard edges.

Great model, BTW.

Just an idea: you could go for a “caution/warining” type theme using some yellow and orange decal type textures. Maybe a rounded caution triangular sign in the sort of place where a black widow might have it’s distinctive hourglass could provide a neat effect. I’m not sure what you’re going for so, but great modeling and good luck.

WOW! :o That’s awesome! I began a project like that once and got bogged down halfway through with all the details I had to add. I congradulate you on your determination!

I do have some suggestions though…

If you wanted to break up the grey, use some very contrasting shades of white and black. I think it would look really cool with some sort of spooky red light underneath the robot. It’s pretty much a substitute for the red markings on the underneath of a black widow spider.

Also, how big is this thing? From what you’ve showed us, It’s way huge! Could you add some grass or buildings for us to use as a scale? That might help.

I shouldn’t really be commenting, you’re obviously much better at mechanical modelling than I am! Great work! :smiley:

Lol. Nonsense! I like all the help I can get.

Oh, and I do have quite a few test animations and composits of it in the production thread on the BRB…

Official Production Thread

Yup. THanks again for all your suggestions!