Spider Tank, directly from Doug Chiang art

Hello guys, I want to show you one of the last jobs I’m working on! It is a walker designed by Doug Chiang, founded in the book Mechanika (which I recommend to buy for all lovers of this style).

This is the artwork on which I am inspired:


The upper part is almost over, there are only a few details and the back side (not in seeing the design I will have to re-invent entirely)




Tell me what do you think!


I love it, both the model and the art. It could just be the lighting, but in the art the front surface looks like it has a filleted edge on the right(cameras perspective) and top and maybe the upper left edge, similar to the legs.

[x] I like.

I love the artwork, can´t wait to see more. I hope you´r able to catch the feel of the artwork.
And I too think your edges are too sharp.

Worst part will be to communicate the size of the model… I guess it´s impossible without some reference next to it.

Thanks guys, I will try my best to get it out as best as possible! The main problem is how are the hidden shapes and their size, also the art is a little sketchy and perspective.

@ jwatson: Yes, I think it’s the effects of light, try to look at this bigger picture of the art

@ arexma: I think it is high around 40 meters like the boat (although I find no information on the high of a sailboat …). Yes, the corners are a little too sharp, I’ve rounded up a bit, I’ll work on it again I finished the top piece.

This looks very interesting good luck

looks good it needs to have a beveled edge on the right in the front and it wraps round the hole in front in the right side, but then again it’s your version of the artwork :smiley:

I ordered Mechanika today, thanks for the hint.

Amazon also tricked me :smiley: into ordering:
“Bold Visions: The Digital Painting Bible for Fantasy and Science-Fiction Artists”
“The Artist’s Complete Guide to Facial Expression”

Where latter one is said to be grand.

@dragon2010uk: I think is a light effect, because in the in-progress drowings, the front is perfectly flat :slight_smile:

@arexma: Good choice, I see only now “Bold visions”, otherwise I would have bought; will be for the next purchase :wink:

Some update on the lateral details: what may be inside that hole? I put an air vent, let’s see how it will look.




I think to leave all the object as is for now; I prefer to finish all the parties of the upper body and then I’ll add some details and adjust the models consistently with the overall design.

Finally another update for the upper body:



I’m near to finish the rear parts, and later I’ll tweak here and there.

Hi. Looks great! I was wondering, how did you make this metallic grid (http://img696.imageshack.us/img696/9537/74697380.png) ? Wires picture will be great. Thx.

Way cool, I’ll be following!

looking great, look forward to the finished product

Thanks, I’m glad that you appreciate this project :slight_smile:

@portgas: here is a wire of the metallic gric, it’s just a simple grid made by an array of cylinders. For bending I use the lattice tool



That is some nice hard surface modelling there. Keep it up.

Pretty nice work! It seems like that a spider is carrying a gasoline can! No offense! Just say it!