Spider Web

Actually, this was just a fluke of my trying to figure out the screw tool without reading about it.


The spiral I can understand but did you add the spokes after the spin?

Nope. I can’t explain how to do it the right way, so I’ll just explain how it happened. First go to front view and put the default cube into edit mode. Move it sideways on the x axis a bit, extrude the top left corner nearest to you, press n and give that vertex the position shown in the first picture. Select the vertices shown in the second picture from left to right. (For some reason the order matters.) Go into front view, and using the settings shown, hit the screw button. In top view your result should look like the third picture. Delete any vertices that aren’t part of the spider web to get the 4th picture, and remove doubles. Fill in the center as shown in the last two pictures, give the mesh a wire-frame material and you’re done.


Start a new blend.
Delete the default box. :- Delete Key - Confirm delete
Do this in Front View - Numeric Keypad ‘1’

Add a mesh plane. :- Press SpaceBar - Add - Mesh - Plane

Press ‘A’ to deselect the vertices.
Press ‘B’ and draw box around the bottom two vertices.
Press Delete Key - Select erase vertices.

Press ‘A’ to select the remaining two vertices

In the Mesh Tools box the only value that needs to be changed is Turns.
Increase from 1 to 10.

Press the Screw button.

From Top View :- Numeric Keypad ‘7’
Tidy the mesh / Add material as detailed in previous post.

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Interesting - I like it. It my need a bit of work to make it less regular. your next chalange to render it!

Yeah a bit of sagging and some morning dew drops speckeled across it, backlit with DOF would be sweet. Spider optional. Perhaps animated with a gentle breeze billowing it?

Thanks for the explanation, if you want it to be a real mesh not a solid plane, perhaps you could use the wire to mesh script?