Spider webs

I don’t think it is yet, it’s acting the same.

However, I have a clue to lead you to where part of it(the weird gravity) is having trouble. It doesn’t like being offset in the Z axis. If you put the top of a cube at Z = 0 and add webs there, everything is fine but if you try messing with webs at the top of a default cube, it tries to stretch. The farther from Z, the more it stretches. I’m guessing you’re missing an offset somewhere in your algorithm. Putting it below Z really shows off the issue.

Even knowing this, I still haven’t got that traditional looking web shape yet either. This looks absolutely great for the kinds of webs spiders use in corners and when jumping though!

Oh, you are right, I didn’t noticed when testing, this seems to happen only when the strokes are under the grid.

This was caused by a clamp I put in order to prevent the webs from falling under the ground.
I removed it and will replace that by detecting the ground with the grease pencil strokes.

It should work fine now :slight_smile:

Don’t forget to push to github. :slight_smile:

Now it’s broken everywhere with webs hanging through stuff. Looks like detecting the ground from the strokes isn’t quite there yet.


That’s because I hadn’t implemented it yet, now it’s done.

Awesome, working great now! Will definitely be buying this once you put it up to help out.

Thanks a lot !

Haven’t tested yet. Did you add the option to keep multiple strands from connecting to single strand?

I have indeed !

nice addon. but can anyone give a tutorial or video instruction?

btw, can this add on produce animation?

I found yet another one from Karlis Stigis( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lsXb5ywrg_I&t=4s ,
Animation Nodes Test 07 - Procedural Wire Genereator)