Hi All, this is my recent work. No UVmaps just ramp and vertex paint. but I still dont know how to make smaller or bigger the ring of vertex paint (what shortcut or which button i must to hold).
I have rigging too with Gabio tutorial (thank very much guy), but I have trouble with timing in animation coz the spider have 8 legs


Looks more like an Ant to me… though ants have only 6 legs… or a scorpion

how about some Detail… hair, eyes…

not bad, but you kind of switched the sizes of the front and back segments. the thorax should be a lot smaller, on most spiders the abdomen is the dominating body feature
(might of messed up the definitions of abdomen and thorax)

if i remember my basic biology, insects go head-thorax-abdomen. Not sure if that holds true for arachnids, maybe just head-abdomen.

On the other hand you probably worked from a still yes?

No uv mapping? I couldn’t do that