My goal was to create a realistic looking spider (Cycles rendering) and I am only partly happy with the result. I think it does not look ultimately realistic. Any ideas how I can improve the degree of realism? Thx.

Hey dude!
This looks really nice already! What distracts me a little bit might be a little anatomical mistake.
Spiders have 4 pairs of legs for walking and another additional pairs of eating legs, called “pedipalpii”. They’re missing in your model I think. :slight_smile:

The “pedipalpii” are there. There just hidden inside the large drop. :yes:

Not sure about realism but anyway it is looking awesome.

It’s not furry enough for an up close render like you have here.

I would suggest that you pick a spider, like black widow, and model it. Right now, it seems to be sort of like a few different spiders.

if the pedipalpii are hidden inside the water, make them more apparent, don’t just use that as an excuse. The water droplets on the web could use so much work as a realistic object needs a realistic background.

The only thing that seems off to me is the specularity on the leg segments. They appear too glossy, as if the segments were plastic rather than chitin. Maybe raise the roughness a bit?

I am not a spider expert, but I thought spiders had a lot of eyes. I only see two eyes. Are you modeling a particular species of spider?

Thanks for all your feedback! I did a new rendering with some changes:

  • I reduced the specularity of the legs.
  • I increased the furryness of the body.
  • I removed the large water drop.
  • I changed the perspective.

I am more happy with the result now, but I think i might need to model the body in more detail.

@Orinoco: It is not a particular species of spider.