Spiderbot animation

hey guys, first time i have posted in a while, recently got back into blender because i got asked to do a few animations for my friends gaming clan, i have done one and im pretty pleased with it so far but i just feel it needs a bit extra, what do you guys think :eyebrowlift:

Created in blender 2.49, rendered with yafaray, final cut done with sony vegas 9

C&C welcome

i think u can add some texture extra at the material and maybe improve the material refraction to get a better result but i don’t know how it depends on ur skills and the result tht u want to get , for me it looks like much new it need some noise and noise light refraction

i like so much the sound :slight_smile:

and many compliments for the work ,

if i can make a question , how much time did it take ?

ok thank you, i plan to improve on the textures, thats the top of my list of improvements, also want to tidy up the actual movement a bit.

It took me 3 days to get this far, working maybe 3-4 hours a day, so 9-12 hours all together :smiley:

when the block comes and kills the robot, maybe you could add some camera shake, so it looks heavier?
also it looks like the block has some damping on it?

It ends too fast! Can’t see the final text :frowning: Keep it there for a few moments. Regarding the animation part, you should probably give the robot a little more gravity for realism. He jumps like as if he’s in space.

I think you get a bit complicated. This is a very simple animation, sorry for asking but why YAFRAY? Why Sony Vegas? The render looks very simple, and edition has nothing special. Within Blender you get everything. So truth the old said that average Humans always look for the most difficult path to get something done.

Good Animation though.

I prefer the way yafaray works compared to blender internal and generally like the feel of the images it puts out, also i used sony vegas to add the sound effects. The fact that i made it more compicated was just simply personal preferance.

You’ve an unnecessarily complex workflow mate. Its possible to do every single thing of this within Blender. Can’t argue against personal preference though. :slight_smile:

Still, its like this.

I can’t think of another better way to put it :slight_smile:

love your depiction of my work flow :stuck_out_tongue:

heres a few stills with updated textures

Glad you understood it :slight_smile:

Don’t you think there’s a little too much AO? Try using the compositor to add some nice effects, like glow etc. It’d add more life to it, I think.

mmh… first, slow a little bit walking animation.
second, take a pause after the button is pressed… to consider what you (the bot) have done (like… look left, right… oh, nothing happens.)… so you create a two seconds suspense… SPLAT!!! and rotating the view take a 2-3 seconds or more with pieces of bot (not too much) bouncing around the logo.

ya buddy aperrone is right slow down a walk animation a bit and then make him shocked after pressing button like ( oh damn man what the hell just i did)
and if possible use HDRI if you are working with yafray then its good