Well, I’ve been working on this off and on for a while, so heres a snapshot of the finished robot. I’m pretty much done modeling, unless its easy to fix or would add a lot to him. He’s fully rigged, and i plan to do an animation with him after i whip up some scenery and have the time.
Thanks everyone for the comments.
WIP thread: http://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?t=66660


very nice, have you rigged him/her yet, Id like to see him in some kind of action.

This is a cool model, man! Nice little details. Maybe the “toes” are a little too flat on the floor? I bet animating all those legs will be a challenge!

Very cool man, I once did a spiderlike robot, too, but used a completely different style. But yours is much better because you have rigged it, too…I never took my time to do that. So, congratulations and again:
Nice modelling with good details, the render is a snapshot, as you said and let me tell you, I’m looking forward to see the animation.

Incredible…awesome work

Very nice looking work. I’d like to hear some details on how you rendered it. (blender, yafray, AO, etc)

Thanks for the compliments!
He’s rendered w/ yafray. the lighting is 2 hemis and a spotlight for the shadows. render time is about 5 minutes a frame on a midrange P4 with HT and 712mb ram. I had to redo the rig b/c I had done each leg as a seperate armature, but its fixed now, so I’ll post a simple walkcycle sometime soon. School has started up here, so I’ve got a lot less free time.

That’s very cool, it reminds me of the spider bots from Deus Ex: Invisible War

Haha, I’ve an old work named spiderbot ^^.

Here it is : http://blenderclan.tuxfamily.org/html/modules/xcgal/albums/userpics/10001/SPIDER~1.JPG

Good work though ;).

nice! It does look a lot like mine, but i guess it should, since they’re both suppost to be spiders.