This is the first project I am posting to this forum. I want to show you my spider bot. It is based on a great book by Ben Simonds called Blender Master Class. I really recommend it.

Using suggestions from the book I created my own version of the spider robot. I actually started working on this project in May 2013 and then stopped in July 2013. I head a 1 year break because I took the Architecture Academy by Andrew Price from Blender Guru. Anyway in mid September I decided to finish it. Here are the results.

I created two versions: white and black. Which one do you like the most?

Any comments/critique is very wellcome.
Cheers :slight_smile:


Here is another image with white spider:

Good job. You did great modeling job, especially on the foots.

Personally i more like the darker one, because the bright one’s material kinda seem too indistinguishable from the BG’s material. For me it is too grey.

So you have a good model. Now you have to think up some interesting scene to put this model in. It has a potential for some good story, so now it’s up to you. (of course if you still want to continue working on this project :wink: )

Great piece of work! Would look really cool animated!

I’d also love to see a render of the white spider on a navy-ish color background or even a dark grey!

Spiderbot, spiderbot, does whatever a … I forget lyrics as basic as these…

Oh right, on-topic now. Great model, but the lighting is a bit too flat… Great work nonetheless.