SpiderDevice animation


Putting this online took me all day. It had to be linked differantly to the web-page on internet explorers v 5 & 6, so i’d like to know if you have any dificulty seeing the anim so I can tair out more of my hair.

And of course I’d like c&c on the animation it’s self as well.

Neat thing! Super cool, how did you make it (high contrasts, “scribbled” background,…)
I’m using FF and have no problems viewing the anim.

I’m viewing it with Firefox, and it is very very pixelated and b&W. I can just about make out what it is, and gets better as the spider contraption comes closer to the screen.

Nice! (i’m using Opera, and having no problems watching it.)

one thing: the body moves to constant for something that has legs… its just moving in a straith line and the legs just follow with it, it should be opposite (legs moving first, than addept the body to it)

just a tip :wink:

dude, thats so scary!

Just render it to a .mov or .avi and post the file on somwehere like 4shared / savefile … etc


I love the look of this. As a fan of non-photorealistic rendering, this really makes me smile. Was this done all in Blender, or did you use an external renderer?

Some of the motion is a bit difficult to read and the pacing could use a tweak here and there, but those are really minor nitpicks in the grand scheme of things.

Its a little slow starting off, but I like it a lot. I’m working on a spider myself, so its cool to see someone else is doing one too.

Sweet work, yog. Love it!

Thankyou everyone!

Glad to know you can all watch it.

“Just render it to a .mov or .avi and post the file on somwehere like 4shared / savefile … etc” - Mike_S

Most video codecs are aimed at colour rather than black & white. On my own comp I use Quicktime Animation set to 2 colours, and the files are lossless and small, but I know Caffine won’t play this, and the latest Apple Quicktime now only works for Windows 2000 or XP, and apple of course. It seems silly to use a codec that gives 5 times the file-size and 1/5 the quality. All the other animations on my site use the flash-player, and I wanted constancy. I want to get these things right for future referance - and I’m anal. For colour stuff I’ll embed through youtube.

I used various techniques to get the monochrome effect. On the ground I used toon-shading between black & white with a bump-map of this rock texture. On her garment I used toon-shading again, with images for the colour and spectacular colour, and good old blender-clouds as a bump-map. The smoke from the fire is a particle system of animated gifs of a wiggly line. Then there’s the sky - a huge sphere-mapped line-drawn image created in Photoshop. No Nodes used at all.

really good. i love the effect. reminds me of early film animations.