SpiderDevice HD! limited time only.

I’ve put an HD version of my animation Spiderdevice online for the blender conference. It won’t be there forever, just a week or two, so download it while you can.


hmm, all i get is flashing screen.
if this is it, it’s not funny.


cool, but having read basse’s post, i’m wonding if it was supposed to be a black and white pencil type effect or if that’s the codec. if it is b&w pencil, how’d you do it?

yes - that black & white pencil effect IS intensional, but knowing that was what I was going to do I used a 2 colour codec (quicktime animation set to 2 colour), which is what you, basse, are having problems with. Try downloading Quicktime - otherwise a friend of mine managed to play it in media player classic.

There’s a low-res version online at yogyog.org/animation/spiderdevice.htm

I go into more detail about how I created the line-drawn effects here.

Interesting animation. It has 19th century feeling in it.

Yes very interesting. One thing though… spiders legs have black shadows and that bothers me… dark perhaps yes but black shadow and white lighted area? Would like to see hatched lines there too

I like the style, and the subject that comes with it. Make more! Preferably accompanied by creepy organ music :smiley:

  • I disagree, the sharp shadows of the main “character” is very important to set her apart from the rest of the environment.

Incredibly incredible.
That’s a great piece of work.
I had seen a while ago the low res version, there I can see details on model and animation that make me shiver with pleasure :slight_smile:

Be well

Yeh - I guess I should extend it sometime - I need a closeup of the woman in the middle at somepoint with some facial animation - and I’m looking for music for it. I’m not sure how or if I could create hatched shadows. If anyone has any ideas I could try. Thanks for the positive response.