spidered tutorial list

i have spidered all the pages from the main list.

here is the link: http://30bentham.homelinux.org/blender/search/

please tell me if you find this usefull or have any other comments

Hm, I didn’t find what I was looking for by the first 3 attempts, so I stick to the old list or Google… :expressionless:

what sort of results was it returning?

i simply fed it all the urls on the list so it should work reasonably

The results to all the searches I did, had nothing to do with Blender ?

Just seems like a very limited general search engine?

:o %|

hah - nothing is ever easy ! i shall try again then some time :frowning:

i only did it cos i was trying to find a tut on modelling the body and thought i might as well spider the whole lot.

ho hum… why is always quicker to write your own code than use someone elses…

I was searching for “uv mapping anim”, and the results were of no use because the “uv” word was ignored [too short]. Isn’t there a way to desactivate this limitation that I don’t know of what use it could be?

Furthermore when I searched for “game engine”, there was no link that had something to do with blender… For eg, this link has nothing to do with blender, it’s probably the homepage of a blender user:


I had the same results as everyone else, but I really like the idea so don’t give up on it I think it can be really helpful