Spiderman (C&C are welcome) update 2+wires 17/1

I’ve done Spiderman. I’ve always liked him so I thought why don’t give it a go? But it turned out to be harde to make him then I thought. I have a problem: How do I do the eyes? I’ve tried to have a pic as blueprint and do cuts after that but it didn’t worked (damn how ugly he was). Oh, one more problem: I haven’t found any texture of his suit (you know that net pattern.) I have searched on google for it.

Maybe I do some villians too.

His head looks like an egg. He needs a nose :smiley:

You should base the whole face after this tutorial

I know the head looks like an egg but if you look at images of spiderman he have no nose and the head looks like that.


  • Better materials
  • Hands
  • Eyes
  • His chest was weird and I fixed it.
    It’s the first time I use rampshaders. I are not done with the materials yet I have mostly just applied rampshade and lowered spec. At least I think I am going to improve the materials. I am going to texture him but haven’t found any good texture for his cloths. Hard to find. Or do anyone know where I ca find one?

On this image you can see that his head is egg shaped.

MrMuscly, for a while I have wondered how you do to make link like the one you did to Torqs face tut. So how are you doing?



And while, indeed, spiderman shows no detailed facial structure. You still see that it is a face under that mask, which has cheekbones and a chin and everything.

I’m trying to do it as the toon spidey, so should he have cheekbones and stuff? Should he have smaller eyes?

You know what? If you want you can give c&c to my model.

The new version of spider-man looks awful. I remember when I was a kid that spider-man looked like a muscular man and not like a 12 year old kid.

His eye patches are to low and he could use a throat.

About his eggshaped head. Well its not that eggshaped. It’s based on manga drawing principle (I really dislike manga).

Here is a link how to draw a manga head. Its 2d but it works in 3d aswell.

You´re getting there. Keep up the good work. :wink:

I am trying to UV-map it now. God it’s hard.