Spiderman City fan Art

i love the look of the recent spider-man cities, so i created mine :slight_smile:


Nice work!

The guy in the foreground looks much taller than the two people in the background (even considering perspective). Maybe that’s just me?

its the perspective dude lol.

I know I know…lol…but even with that in mind, do they not look like halflings? :slight_smile: I’m just being constructive…trying to be anyway. Paralaxication.

It all looks great.

I think it’s that the trees are very big, despite looking very young. Based on the shape of the tree, its leaf size / density, etc. I would expect it to be maybe 1 story tall, but they are 2.5-3 stories tall in the image.

Conflicting visual scale, essentially. The humans are all scaled correctly based on the building and street lamp height, so the trees are just about the only thing I can think of that would cause the visual scale to be confusing.