SpiderMan :D

Well this is my project Spiderman.
Modeling, mapping coordinates and rendering were created in blender.
The sculpt for normal maps is produced in Mudbox.
Excuse my English, Translates on google XD

As my memory Spider-man doesn’t have this much muscle.

Peter Parker is a wussy.

@prestijkorsan07 that depends on whether you refer to the movie or the comics…

very good and clean topology. nice wireframe.

although stuf around the waist, hip/groin looks off. and also the wrist on the arms look to thin for a male. could be arm rotation but generally a male has wider wrists and female have very big different in palm width and wrist width.

Exactly my inspiration was recreated in the Spiderman comic

Bodybuilder is 70% and 30% prostitute! mmuaahaahhhaaahaa! XD

ha! thats awesome

hey this is great! do you plan on animating it?

I like. Spiderman is a cool character.

Seems like you made a muscle guy and then decided at the last minute to stick a spiderman skin on him. Good model, but doesn’t really feel like spiderman… you can see all his facial features which should be hidden under his mask. Good stuff anyway :slight_smile:

small animation spiderman in my reel.

animation in progres!!!