Spiderman IKA Setup

(Mclaren) #1

I modeled Spiderman in Blender for a project I am doing at school. My only problem is that I don’t know enough about IK to setup a realistic bone system for this character. If anyone can help me, that would greatly be appreciated. [I have already emailed some people who might be intrested] You can reach me at [email protected]
He is currently 90% done. All thats left is some fabric texture to the suit and the black web on his suit. And of course the IK setup.

(WeirdHat) #2

Lyubomir has written a couple of excellent tutes about rigging hands and feet. They can be found at http://blenderchar.weirdhat.com/tutorials.php

(Briggs) #3

I know this wasn’t what you were asking for, but he has too many abdominal muscles (Rectus Abdominis) You would have to remove the top row and have the middle ones ascend into the upside down horshoe shape of the diaphragm arch.

Keep up good work.

(shOOOla) #4

here are foot and hand setups you can use:


best i’ve seen i think. good luck


(kroopson) #5

Well - according to my experience with IKA in Blender - it would be better if you model your chara in different pose. On the picture above it is so called “Jesus Christ Pose”. Its pretty cool for 3dsMax and CharaStudio but in blender it is better to model every limb half straight (gush - english is so difficult language :o ).