Spiderman in a city

Hello everyone!
This is a short animation that I’ve been working on for almost three years.
It’s about Spiderman in a city, jumping and doing some acrobatics.
Please watch it here:


It started just as an animation exercise, after doing the "Blender    Animation Pipeline" training at the Blender Institute at the end of    2012 with Beorn Leonard, Pablo Vazquez and Francesco Siddi as    teachers (yes, CAMINANDES team!), but then it became more and more    complicated and exciting for me, so I've decided to do a short    video, adding a whole city!

Everything in this project was done in Blender, and I did it all by    myself, except for the people models (Blendswap) and the vehicles    (tf3dm.com). Credits are at the end of the video.
I've used Cycles for the render, but internal for the smoke.

I must thank Pablo Vazquez and Sebastian König who helped me at the    beginning of the project, and a HUGE THANKS goes to Francesco Siddi,    who really helped me a lot, especially during the last months of    this project. Without him I would never have finished it!

I've used a sun lamp for illumination with an HDRI image for the sky    (from cgskies.com)
I have an Intel i7-3930K with 12 threads, and a GeForce GTX Titan (I    use Linux), and yet some frames took up to 45 minutes to render!

You can see some images attached: some of the frames, GLSL,    wireframe, compositing nodes, the environment, the city...)
It has cost me a big effort to complete this project.
I hope you like it!


Ohh, Either you’ve worked on comic books prior or have a marvelous eye for the action poses, camera angle of capture and framing of scene. If you’re not making digital action comics you should.

Thanks a lot FXR! I’ve never did comic books before, but I’ve watched thousands of tutorials!

Then that’s a Hell of a Testimony to watching tutorials. Holy Shit the animation is great!

Some more experienced eyes can likely pick up inconsistencies but overall, the body mechanics, the motions, and you really captured that freaking sense of “Boy! I wish I could soar like that!” So yeah, pretty good.

Also I loved how Spiderman in your video, like in the movies, does “the spiderman pet peeve thing” of shooting webs just into the sky and still gets an attachment point. If course he can!! He’s Spiderman, damnit!!

Thanks a lot FXR!
That is a thing I love about the Spiderman character: he never falls, he always finds an attachment point, and he moves in the air in a very natural way!
So hard to do when you hav to animate it…