Spiderman on sky

After the Jonathan Williamson’s Mastering Modeling Course I’ve decided to created a realistic Spiderman.
It’s completely textured and rigged, and I’ve created all the textures in Blender.
Rendered in cycles and some compositing at the end (thanks to Bartek Skorupa for his great DVD!).
I hope you like it!

very cool one! great pose

A quick paint-over for some anatomical features. Basically, you could greatly benefit diving into it, as it seems you have pretty decent skills already in other areas. Please note that my line work isn’t super accurate, it is just trying to get some points and shapes across (his legs are too short btw, that’s the main proportion issue).

Keep it up,

It’s awesome but the texture on the left side of the head is a bit weird. Maybe it’s just the lighting.

A masterpiece of hard work.

5 stars not for looks, but for the dedication that obviously went into this render.


Great model, great composition!
But is it just me or is his right eye missing?
Keep up your good work!

  • theAlmightyF

Thanks a lot Valerien! I’ll try to improve his anatomy.


The eye is not missing, it’s just a little bit dark.

I agree with Valerian about the chest and right shoulder. The legs thickness are a matter of artistic style imo. as for leg length. I’m not sure they are off, I can see why he would say it, but I don’t think his left leg is splayed out as much as it might look at first and perspective is making it look shorter, either way it doesn’t really bump me the wrong way.

over all great work, would love to see a couple of tweaks and a hi res of this done

Modelling, texturing and pose is great, however I really think the lighting needs a bit of a tweak to make the character pop a bit more. I had to strain my eyes to try and make out details down the middle of his body.