Spiderman sculpt rework

reworked the muscle sculpt for this model

Looking great! I’m a little curious, Is the wires just a texture that you made yourself? How did you make them? Because I think they look very accurate to the real spiderman no? I mean the pattern of them. IMO you could work a bit more on the materials (right now I think he looks like the old version of spiderman, maybe you want that look which then makes this okay, though I personally prefer the modern spiderman with glossy eyes and the material on his body is a little bit more defined. And then pose him with some post-production and I bet he will look really cool. :slight_smile:

Very nice sculpt though! One of my goals is to be able to sculpt that well with anatomy and so forth :slight_smile:

oh wow the muscle detail is excellent. Nice work!

Great sculpt job