Spiderman test!

(Nayman) #1

YAY! finally in a realistic setting

still no hands, but hey, thats life…



(Goofster) #2


this SO cool man!
so realistic. the buildings are amazing.

I must admit when I saw your previous posts I was a bit sceptic…but NOW!..WOOOO

Keep it up!


(PILER) #3

Hey man that looks great, cant really notice that there is no hands, i like the lighting it rocks - how long of an animation are you planning to make of this?

(acasto) #4

that looks awesome…good job

(blengine) #5

wow thats great! smooth animation and very realistic builindgs! i wanna see more soon =)

(nemesis) #6

whoa, that is cool! Can’t wait to see more

(Nayman) #7

the entire film is going to be an hour or so… it is live action sarring a lot of my friends… its got a good script. the title is

spiderman 2

its a very cg intensive mvie though, with spiderman being protrayed by cg almost 3/4s of the time

keep em coimg

(S68) #8


Liked it a lot


(DreamMaster) #9

Cool, but one thing that bothered me a bit is how rough your camera follows your spiderman… it should move as if it has a human person trying to follow a fast motion object… you know what I mean, it need to more more smoothly and maybe even out of focus in some frames because of “human” error, it would add more realistic to the movement without having “perfect Blender” movement… you know what I’m talkin about huh?

(joecool) #10

I wanna see it, but it won’t let me. I downloaded it, but it said that it couldn’t play. I have windows ME

(IamInnocent) #11

I’m all swung up !