Spiderman (updated)

This is my update of Spiderman.


All of the muscles are too cut. They could use some smoothing in general, especially the arm holding the web.

All muscles in the chest/abdomen seem a bit strange and randomly sharp and bumpy.
Is there some sort of strange split down the middle of him? looks like light leaking through the center of his abdomen. Left pectoral muscle looks like it might be deflated.

Textures need help, as they are quite fuzzy and ill-defined at the moment.

specularity seems a bit high on the blue parts of his costume. Leg muscles same as the previous mentionings.

is the model split on his left elbow also? looks like some strange lighting artifacts there as well.

bricks on the back wall (to the right) don’t look attached. floating panels of bricks? they are also quite flat and could probably benefit from a nor map.

camera angle is nice, and most of the background is interesting for the composition. perhaps some more light on spidey himself?

Pose is a bit awkward and lacking in dynamics. perhaps sprucing that up a bit?

please include more information with your thread, including goals and other thoughts.

you need to correct UV’s on torso and arms, as they are stretched.
You can get help with a testmap, a thing like this:
Just put it on the model and “work” on the uvmap with textured shading activated in the 3d window, to see texture adjustment reflected on the model in real time.
When you have got the test map undistorted (well, at last few distorted) change it wit the final texture.

There’s also a strange blue seam at the center of the red texture, on the torso.
That coul still be a texture problem, or maybe the mesh is not seamed there.

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I get that when trying to load your image.

I didnt use a reference image on Spiderman, so I kinda exaggerated the muscles to compensate for the ones I didn’t know about. Since I just started using Blender about month ago, I didnt really understand what the texture buttons did and just played with the settings. I’ll try the testmap and see if helps with my texturing problems. I fixed seam which was caused by a texturing problem.

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I havent really had a chance to work on Spiderman, but I changed his pose and added more lighting. I plan on making textures less distorted and clearer.

okay the texture still needs work…

first you missing the spider logo on his chest and second the web texture needs to continue up onto his mask… checkout this link for what i mean…


also i dont quite know exactaly how to fix it, but his legs dont look right at the point where they meet the rest of his body… its kinda like the underlying muscles and bomes in his hips were all flattened out… i would recomend looking into a few tutorials about the armature system and rigging human models…

this page has many great links on well almost everything…

hope this helps…