Spiderman with muscular topology

Hi guys!
I made my own spiderman!!!
Actually, I wanted to create a human body with the topology following the muscular structure, but, since I was there, I decided to complete it and turn it into spidey. Here’s the topology:

Let me know that you think!
I’ve also created a black suit texture already. Here it is:

I will start working on the classic texture as soon as you guys let me know if I have to improve something.
Thank you all.

I actually like the stylization of the Black Suit/Symbote Spiderman. The edge flow looks good as well. Take a look at the Blender Tests to get an idea of a texture for the Classic version.

Actually, I’ve already prepared a shader for the classic suit texture. All that’s left is creating couple of images to use as mixing factors. But I will surely look at the Blender Test forum.
Sooner or later I will need some help for the web shooter: I would love to make an animation out of it.

Web shooters, huh? There are plenty of diagrams of that online. Use your favorite search engine to look for them. I would suggest to create some pre made textures in order to create bump maps for more detail.

Yep, already create pre made textures for bump maps.
Sometimes ago I searched internet for a web shooter tutorial, but I have found nothing. I’m not talking about just shootting the web which can be achieved with shape keys, but mainly how to implement the fisics of the swinging. Any suggestions?

That one is above my grade. You will have to search the web for that. If I were to guess, it would be similar to swinging on a rope. Here’s an idea. Look for a video that was made on the History Channel called Spiderman Tech. Maybe that could help.