(Nayman) #1

I would like to build a model of spiderman, and am having some difficulties (i.e. never done a character before) anyone have any tips to get me started… or better yet… a finished spiderman!? (tips will do just fine thanx)

(Kid Tripod) #2

my general tip to modelling things is to use a “detail-out” approach (it works well in Blender) where you sketch out what you want (on paper) and then model the details in the appropriate places in Blender, and then join them together. joining is more difficult than it sounds, as it can take a good deal of foresight to match vertices. Forming “edge loops” around muscle areas is also useful (like contours around form) and works well with the “subsurf” button (i love that button) for creating meshes for animation.

unfortunately there’s no substitute for experience, but you might as well start now.

personally i think a spiderman model will be quite simple with a lot of texture mapping going on (you’re going to have to find the use of that “sticky” button for that) since his lovely suit hides all the usual problems (eyes/ears/nose/face/hair etc.) In fact you could probably use every sort of texture map on him.

as a start id suggest modelling a foot, hand, head and torso (important for the style) and then work on the limbs that join them. don’t use too much detail and match the number of vertices at the shoulder with that at the wrist (for example).

as has been discussed elsewhere the web is another story . . .

i’m sure other people have some good opinions on this so i’ll leave it there

(marxniffen) #3


Dude, you had the same idea as I!

I am gonna make one too.

I am not good at humans, particularly heads. But…Spiderman might be easier! :stuck_out_tongue:

Good luck

(Briggs) #4

www.cgchannel.com recently had a tutorial on modelling characters with subsurfs. It was called “modelling the ‘dave’ way”. Was good stuff and had things you need to watch for when modelling for animation. Also do a search for anything written by Bay Raitt, the guy’s a genuis.

(CubeFan973) #5

I think you should extrude planes, then use subsurfs!

(tedi) #6

stitching equal-number vertex body-or-mesh-parts is fastest with use of <shift+s+4> and <shift+s+2> commands on vertexes that should be stitched, then selecting all of thus stiched vertices and perform <w+4> command (in edit mode), then select all vertices and press <ctrl+n>. this goes for lowpoly meshmodelled characters/geometry, which is to be subsurfed.