Heres a spiderman swinging through a city animation. Its one of my first character animations so main focus was on spiderman and his motions hope y’all enjoy :slight_smile:

cool i like the camera shake at the start when spider man passes by. did you use reference for this? or what was your workflow when making this?

Awesome and really fluid!

The only thing left to do would be to UV map his costume on him (if you choose) and make the actual webs for the scene to be complete.

I think you can try something with the webs in Edit mode shape keys, good luck!

Thx guys! Phantom22 i did use andrew price’s tutorial on camera shake but the idea was totally original and my workflow was so weird lol first i modeled him and city of course but then before i rigged him i animated the gravity effect of him falling and rising. After that then i rigged him and animated his arm and leg movements haha it was weird but it was a first and i got it done :slight_smile:

onidrako both of those things i can’t do as i am not experienced enough yet haha i tried it but it was too complicated with UV unwrapping and webs i didn’t even know where to start but both of those things were in mind

the camera work is great, dramatic and feels realistic.

The webs bit is actually much easier than the UV map of his costume (though you should check out some edit mode shape key tutorials for this, shouldn’t take more than 5 seconds to learn)

wow, really great animation! Good work!

Thx guys all your positive comments is inspiring and onidrako i will try out the edit mode shape key sounds interesting but do you mean the webs on his suit or the webs he shoots?

Being done for the first time,you had done a great job.its awesome

Camera really makes this animation, I see so many animations where people literally put z e r o thought and or effort into the camera movement, but this one was good!

really great animation! Good Job!

BBD Lotus Court BBD Green City

I really appreciate your comments guys I’m so inspired to make another one :slight_smile:

Its really cool mate. Can you tell me how did u do this . I want to learn :frowning:

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Sure! the city I followed off of Blender Gurus city tutorial step by step same with the character model. But the animation was all done by me. First, I had to animate the physics of the swings (“faking gravity”), getting the timing right when he shoots the web and also when he lets go of it, how fast is he going in free fall, how fast he is going up when he lets go of the web, how he goes up after letting go of the web, etc. No fancy math or physics calculations was required lol these things just had to be taken into consideration as I animated. Once I got that down, all I had to do was animate the limbs and rotate the body to go in sync. :yes:

Edit: Also to animate a character you have to rig or add bones to him. I watched a tutorial for this as Well.

The camera shake is wow…makes me feel like he passed right in front of my eyes!!!

cool job very good men

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Thx for the feedback everyone!

For the webbing being shot out to swing upon, I’d suggest trying paths (beziers?) controlled by empties and hooks. Empty at one end for spidy to grab on, and another one to fling out like silly string. Child-of constraints and animating it’s influence might be helpful with those too. Then maybe two or three empties in between with associated points on the curves to help control bending and appearance of tension.

Motion in this animation looks really good btw.

So basically adding a rig to a path, except the rig is made of empties instead of bones?