spidey move

(Nayman) #1

starting to build up a library of moves for ym digital stunt double to perform. I have given him a kip (or kick) up.

Tell me how he looks, and if the move looks real



(BgDM) #2

Nice work Nayman. Maybe the leg kick could be a little quicker? Seems to be almost slow-mo now. Also, shouldn’t the hands help him push up? They just lay there, almost, not doing anything. You need the arm movement to help make it look more real, and also, in real life, the arm movement aids in the momentum to get you up.

Just my thoughts.

I like the spidey on the chest and the eyes look great by the way.


(harkyman) #3

It didn’t really look too real to me. Specifically:

When you do a motion like that, the lower half of your body needs to have enough intial momentum in order to withstand the next part of the move, which is pretty much a sit-up in midair. Now, once Spidey’s feet touch the ground, like in your anim, his feet would stick, so he wouldn’t need that same momentum. We’re all used to seeing that move done, though (fight games, movies), and it just doesn’t look right. My suggestion is to go rent a Jackie Chan DVD and watch how his weight shifts/what muscle groups he is using on a frame-by-frame basis. It’ll also give you a good idea about timing.

Also (as you’ll see if you use some live action for reference), you finish the move slightly bent forward, not with your spine ramrod straight. As you stand, your entire body… um… unaccordians.

Sorry to sound harsh, but I looks like you’re putting a ton of work into this, so I felt that you deserved an honest opinion. BTW, I’ve really liked your swinging and other anim tests - I’ve just been too lazy to comment recently.

Good luck.

(Goofster) #4

ah c’mon, you can’t do that yourself? I guess now you’re gonna tell me you won’t be doing that double backflip either…pffff

I agree with the guys tho, it does seem a bit slow


(Nayman) #5

I am not spider-man, my friend josh is, but he sti;ll my stunt double ( i made him :stuck_out_tongue: )

ya, he does look a little slow.
JOsh can more than do that, he is a trainer in karate and holds several balck belts. This is a no-hand kip up. There is a nother tpye where you use your hands, but ther eis also a type (this one) where you use all abs, legs and neck)

anyhoo, i’ll speed it up and make sure he lands it better…

back to work i go.


(shibbydude) #6

Looks good. I wish I could do that!

(Darkelfv) #7

Well man it looks awesome to start with.

Speed up the last bit a tiny micron and also when you do that move you have to get you feet really under your balance point other wize you fall over again. i think the feet dont go back far enough, and yes you really have to arch your back to do that, then the momentom from strechting you legs and feet back so far underneath you will spring you up fast like. then you can retain you balance from there on.

good model!!

(Nayman) #8

keep in mind…

he is spider-man.

his feet stick

(Bapsis) #9

Heya Nay,
Good to see some spidey work again, how are things going on the live action filming and the rest of it? I hope you guyz do finish the project and that you make a cool divx for us here to watch!!! :wink:
Defiantly speed him up, and his legs should be thrown slightly higher, not sure if this will help, but…


Keep up the good work man!!! :wink:


Blend on, and blend well!!!

(Nayman) #10

we are about 1/3 thru filming and editing… then we have foley (sound fx) and special fx to do. Then all original music, and then we are done!

aiming for a christmas/chanuka/kwanza/festivus release. It is going to be a big file… what is 50 minutes compressed in divx?

we will have VHS copies, but i can’t give them out to the peeps on the boards. I would if i could ask for money, but due to the huge copyright associated with spider-man, that is a negatory.!

i’ll keep ya posted