Spike appears in Multires and getting worse everytime

Hello, I am new to blender and doing my best to do my first ever model, im having an issue in Multires as spike suddenly appear in my model Im pretty sure I havent grab sculp any part of the model because I am using box hide and the part was hidden when i use the grab, I try to fix it by smoothening sculpt and it work but when i exit sculpt mode and go to layout the spike reappears and it get worse it shoot to far area im really confused kindly help

Multires is know to cause this kind of issues for quite some time now. Some fixes have been put into the newest version (blender 2.91), so I suggest to use that one if you don’t already. Although some users still experience issues.

Also, check the usual suspects - if you don’t have inverted normals on some faces, duplicite vertices or any kind of no-manifold mesh ( holes, overlaps, etc).
Other that that, I’d have to suggest to avoid using multires for sculpting for now.

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I’m using the 2.91 in this one, though I haven’t check yet the invert normal and overlapping vertices, no manifold. Thanks for advise hope they fix this issue soon

As much as I like some features of sculpt mode, multires is close to unusable for production and I very much hope that it’s gonna be revamped (despite it being marked as done in the module plans). It kinda makes the whole sculpt mode a no go zone (both functionality itself and the modifier UI).


the competition in comparison -

(No clue why the forum wouldn’t let me upload the gif for the same process in Blender, but you get he idea. )

Ready for some rough stuff? :wink:


Sad to see this being marked as done and advertised as a feature. I tried many applications in production, and never seen this behavior. Similar to the undo thing.

Curious to see if this ever gets properly fixed/re-done.

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