Spike ball

My aim is to produce a spiked ball, like the once used in those oldskool electronic-video clips. Now, I’ve tried to do this with several techniques:


Here I used a spike with dupliverts. The problem is that the ‘ball’ isn’t closed. So I thought of another way, which is:

  • Take a IcoSphere
  • ‘Bookmark’ all vertices with verticegroups.
  • Then subdivide the sphere
  • Take the bookmarked vertices (this is where things go wrong; it seems that the subdivided vertices now belong to the group too)
  • extrude them with subsurfs on.

But, bad luck, it doesn’t work :frowning:
Anyone who has a better way to do this? I also want to animate the spikes so maybe there is some way with particles or so.

Is it really that hard to get this done?

You may want to go have a look at the football…


it might give you some clues… It is defo what I would use as a starting point (now I know how it works)


Too bad, I thought that there must be some way of subdividing without the fact that the subdivided vertices are merged in the group. Jules, in the tutorial you gave me, they are manually selecting the ‘pikes’, and I don’t want to do that for a 400+ vertices object :-p

u could try just using the duplivert spikes and then another sphere, then do a boolean operation or whatever it’s called to join them…although that would be really crappy mesh; u’d have to clean it up alot.

or another way: make a spike so that it can connect to others (u’ll see what i mean) then spin from top, so it should make a ring of spikes. then select one of the spikes and spin from side, then work ur way around the ring using the cursor at the same spot so it’s spherical. u’ll have to do some remove doubles and stuff, and connect some of the rings.

that’s really confusing; i hope u find an easier way!

I think Greybeard has a video tutorial on this.

This is the perfect application for http://jmsoler.free.fr/util/blenderfile/tesselate/

But obviously you can also model it manually…

You can do this:
1.Create your icosphere.
2.Select all faces, Ekey, extrude individual faces. Extrude the faces outwards a bit.
3.Alt S, shrink the individual faces a bit. Ctrl N to recalculate the selected faces’ normal just to make sure they’re not messed up.
4.E key again, extrude individual faces. Further away this time.
5.Alt S again to shrink the points.
Spike ball.
If you find that alt S seems to be affecting the individual spikes differently, you could also try W key, smooth. Smoothing repeatedly seems to work better than Alt S, at least for me.

Wow thanks for the solution(s) dudes!
I’ve tried grafix’s method and it works! But the plugin is also new for me (and it looks awesome!!) , so I think I’m going to check that out tonight… Weird objects here I come :smiley:

Myke: Just wanted to let you know I’ve tried the plugin :slight_smile: - tesselate is MASSIVE for creating weird things. This is a great plugin! Thanks for sharing! :slight_smile:

This is what I’ve made so far:




Oh well, glad to see that you have so much fun with it - it is definitely an awesome script. I messed around with it quite a lot, too…:slight_smile:

That is awesome