Spike Spiegal- cloth topology

yes, I am redoing another of my models but with fresh topol and new confidence. I redid faye valentine so what the heck, it’s a good exercise. there’s probably enough tuts covering ears and the like, so this might be useful in another way.

and back. . .

posting the face, if there are any issues let me know :slight_smile:

I’ve only just started on hair, so it’s gonna look like a jelly mold for now.

Good work on the folds in the jacket. Do you plan on animating the cloth deforms at waist, shoulders & elbows?

I am gonna rig it. but I don’t know what corrective measures I’m gonna have to take until I get there! I know I’ll be able to make shape keys drivers but I really have no idea how the mesh will hold up. I’ll probably have to do a shape key for each rotation to make it look any good.

I’ve found that for some models, using a limited form of cloth simulation along with armature control can produce good results:

The woman’s sleeves have just a bit of cloth weighting, and respond mostly to the armature, while the sleeve fringe is all cloth. At the waist and skirt of her buckskin tunic, the armature control gradually fades into cloth sim, which is at 100% for the fringe here as well. With sculpted folds, you can’t use cloth at 100% or it all kind of collapses, but using a touch of cloth can help keep the deformations at the joints looking more natural. Just something to consider. The cloth + armature deforms could also be converted to shape keys if you decide to go that route for the final method, can save a lot of sculpting/mesh editing.

The crusader’s chain mail also uses a combination of limited cloth sim and armature control, plus some post-pose reshaping like might be done for a shape key.

Thankyou for your tips, they make a lot of sense and your models are stunning! If I run into problems when rigging I will really appreciate your advice.