Spikeballs (wallpaper)

Just decided to take my spikeballs from the splash screen, and make a nice wallpaper of em :smiley:
Full version

well. it’s clean.
downloading now [!]

Yea it’s ment to be clean.

Nice blur effect on the bottom spike balls, it looks just like the sun is behind them. Good work :wink:

Most the credit goes to the fabulous Glow plugin :wink:

Nice look !
But, could you make a version with the background a bit darker ? It would prevent my eyes from dying each time I go back to desktop 8)

Sure I’ll render on here in a bit once I finish another one I’m working on.

I don’t think the reflection works

Hmmm well I have to agree about the reflections, except they help alot. I tried turing it down, and it looks like crap.

Pretty spike balls. :slight_smile:

You might want to try using a gradial background, to take stress off the eyes. I think some more focal blurring would help too.

I like the Cleanliness and subtleness of it all, it’s very soft and dreamy. :wink: