Spiked Flower

Hey there!
Here’s my latest flower/abstract thing, hope you like!
Leather-ish material intentional, rendered in Blender Internal with two point lights, sphere on, Distance just outside of the flower. Orange light on the left has shadows at 12 Samples, 10 Softness. Light on the right is blue with Gamma turned up to 2.2, no shadows.
Made with Planes, Multi-Extrude, an Icosphere, and a Cylinder. Texture is procedural Clouds, set to Voronoi F2_F1, no color, Bump of .02. Material has Specular Hardness of 8, light tan color.
1600X1600, please feel free to zoom

Oooooh, very nice. Rubbery, in fact :slight_smile:

Thanks Dave! :smiley:

great texturing!

@p.kyle: Thanks very much! :smiley:

Really great!
I would love to see it in color, maybe some carnivorous plant could be use as a color scheme model.

@Tuxon86: Thank you! I do have lots of colorful artwork, but often I tend to lean more towards simplicity :slight_smile: