Spilled Soft Drink

Just one of those fun little projects between more serious Blender projects I’m working on :slight_smile:


(direct image link if picture gets resized)

As always, thanks for looking!

More to come,


HAHA, how did you get the picture frm the last time I went to the movies? Very cool work, has the feeling I got post-diet coke :slight_smile: Nice materials and lighting :slight_smile:

Looks like the bad guy from Terminator 2 will pop out from that.

I like the idea but the ice seems a bit uniform maybe?

OOO… I really like this one. I like how the depth of field shows that it is a pretty large spill. My only crit is the fluid looks a little too thick to be so close to the ground. It is almost like it is oil. This is what I mean.


Overall I really like this.

Dude, thats so cool. i call every soda coke. other people call it pop or soooda, like in canada :smiley:

Dude, thats so cool. i call every soda coke. other people call it pop or soooda, like in canada

You must be from the south. :eyebrowlift2:

Anyways, I like the composition and lighting allot Robert T. I think that the soft drink itself should be just a bit more transparent. It only looks that oily when it’s in the cup; however, I have no place critiquing you since you have already proven yourself better than me. :stuck_out_tongue:


Ha, that ain’t just the south, it’s done all the way out here in Cali too :slight_smile:

And I really like this one RobertT, simple conceptually, but with a nice level of realism to sell it.

I really like the material on the lid!

HAHA Free… last time i was in CALI i asked some girl for a pop and she looked at me like i was on crack…No joke

That’s because 3 year olds say ‘pop’.



No one here in California ever says “Pop” instead of soda. Unless they’re from New York or New England. I could easily imagine someone doing that if you’re in San Diego (or California at least), LGB. Saying pop instead of soda should make it to the top 100 list of things not to do when your in California, LOL.

Oh yeah, forgot to mention, nice render! The lid and cup and straw look very realistic, but the soda should have been a little more transparent. It looks a little too shiney, and looks a little like oil right now, but thinner than oil.

Chris_0076: That soda in the picture looks really thick and a little watery (in taste). I’m saying it looks like blubbley syrup.

Haha, nice.

Here in Kansas it could be called soda or pop.

Here in SE Ohio, just about anything goes. I usually define “pop” as any carbonated beverage, “cola” as dark-colored pop(Coke, Pepsi, Dr. Pepper, etc.) and “soda” as light-colored or clear pop(Mountain Dew, Sprite, etc.) “coke” is reserved for the cola by that name. :wink:

As for the picture, it makes me think of the La Brea Tar Pits for some reason. :smiley: