I pulled this one out and started fiddling with it again. This time I tried the render using Yafray. I’m having trouble making the liquid look transparent in Yafray, though. I tried setting the alpha very low but it didn’t help. Looks more like Bosco. I think the overall shading looks much better.

Here’s the original from way back when:
Here’s the latest one:

Any ideas?

Hmm… I think the liquid in the bucket should be attached to the puddle.

Thanks, but I disagree.
BTW it’s supposed to be a styrofoam cup. If you tip one over, there is some leftover inside. At least, I think. I haven’t tried it to see.

Check if ray transparency is turned on (you need it), and you might want to try pulling the lightness of you material up a little. I don’t know why, but it helps.

Oh, ok… It looks as if the liquid is on the slope part of the top of the cup. Perhaps it would look better if the liquid was pulled back further into the cup? :expressionless:

The cup seems rather thin and flimsy. Styrofoam cups are usually rather thick, no? You may want to “fatten” it up a bit.

I agree with jeeves it should be fatter, also is that an image map for the cup if so I think you could achiveve a better result using procedrals.

Ok. Thanks for the suggestions. Although I love the shading and shadows from Yafray, I get some funky results especially with the puddle. So I’m back to Blender internal. I made a procedural texture to come close to a styrafoam look. I thickened the cup, but I was getting weird results sharpening the edge with subsurf, so the edges look blocky. I also added a spotlight for the shadow of the cup.

Overall, I’m not too happy with the results but it’s the best I can do for now.