spin and sculpt?

i’m a pottery maniac, and for my upcoming architecture renders, i’d like to add potteries, clay ones

i’ve recently bought a graphic tablet, and am really happy for it, and i’d like to know how to have my model self spin in sculpting mode so that i can make the cups and vases that i like


Look at enabling Radial symmetry in the Sculpt Symmetry/Lock panel

oh, i’ve seen that, and my first thought was “that’s just turning on multiple symmetry…”

but what i wanted to try, is spinning, i make them in real life, so it makes a huge difference to me, now that that’s cleared up, any clues how to spin and sculpt? (p.s. i’ve already tried rotate view then sculpt and repeat, and they didn’t turn out well…)

I think you need to make the basemesh with spin tool, and then sculpt. Sculpting in Blender is to modify the mesh surface, which traditional sculpting is not.

You could use animation - Z rotation when f-curve is set to Linear and then switch to Sculpt mode while animation is running, but the result wont be like you’ve used it to be in a real life.
If cube is not turning when you open file, hit Alt-a.


Eppo You rock…Very nice done.

It’s so fun to play with in sculpt.


Yea, well… Could be a fun. To adjust rotation speed grab upper point of the f-curve and change slope. If there is a ‘jump’ at the end of the animation add or remove some frames on the timeline. Could be used for some texture painting too.