Spin dup problem.

Hi all,

Can anyone explain why I’m getting a gap between the edges when I do a spin dup?

I created the tread got it all the way I wanted and then when I did the spin dup there seem to be an offset and I could not find a way to remove it. I’ve gone back to the basic shape to try and work this out but not having much luck.

What I’ve done it used the inside of the rim as a reference and duplicated it. Then I extruded the edge to get the height of the tire. I selected a slice to create the tread. If I try and spin dup the slice I get a gap in between each slice.

Am I doing this wrong?

Cheers, Kordo.



I think what you are seeing is a result of not knowing exactly what the angles are of your starting slice. Attached are 2 images. The shows a 10 degree slice spin duped 90 degrees in 9 steps. So far so good. The second image shows the same 10 degree slice spin duped 90 degrees in 8 steps - Got gaps.

You could also try deleting 4 of the verts, and using spin (extrude) on the remaining 4 verts to make the tire.

Best of Luck!!


Thanks OBI-Ron,

Just worked it out. I was setting the step to 31 to try and stop the overlapping. Once I set it back to 32 all is well.