Spin Dup


It’s quite a while ago since I used blender, I downloaded the update today.
i gave up several times… but some kind of a voice in my head tells me to try again :D…

this time i found a tutorial about making a dice on wiki…
at step 8 you have to use Spin Dup, but when I use the recommended settings i get this:
so it is not in the right possition, is there something i do wrong?

Greets Olivier.

your centre of rotation is not in the same position as the original box was

you need to follow this part of that tutorial

“If you haven’t moved the cube, the 3D cursor should be at the center of the cube (at the pink dot). If not, go into object mode (tab) and select what’s left of the cube and press shift-s and select ‘cursor to selection’. You can also manually move the cursor by going to the view menu -> view properties and editing the 3D cursor position. In this tutorial, it should be at (0,0,0).”

press Shift+S “cursor to selection” in object mode and try agan

well, the ‘selection -> cursor’ thingy I already tried, but that didn’t worked because it didn’t center in the original box center… (strange sentence :expressionless: )
but the other option, doing it manually, worked…
thanks guys for you fast reply :)…

Have a nice day!