Spin tool not.... errr... Circular?

I’m just having a go at creating my first object in blender and am having real trouble with the spin tool… it just wont go…‘Circular?’
I am trying to get a nice round corner connected from the horizontal to the verticle
Here’s the route I have taken…
I have put the 3d cursor on a corner vertex and selected 3 Edges

pressed keypad 1 to face correctly and then pressed ‘SPIN’ tool

I have tried adjusting the settings in the Spin Settings pane but I cant get it to reach the the verticle edge. (Setting the angle to 90 makes it spin inside the horizontal and not outside)

the length is exactly 1 blender unit, so why is it going ‘Oval’ and not ‘Circular’… What simple thing am I missing/doing wrong? lol

Thanks for any help


Most likely your object has a non uniform scale. Check the object scale in the properties window on object panel.
To clear the scale select your object and use Ctrl+A / Clear Scale
Remember this as the object scale can affect other tools and operations.
Note that if you scale your mesh in edit mode it does not affect the object scale but if you scale in Object mode it does.

Then use the spin tool.

Ah Haaa… Nice one… Worked perfectly… Thanks Richard.
… and thanks for the note on Scaling, will help a lot :slight_smile:

Problem Sorted… Thanks for your help Richard… it worked brilliantly :slight_smile:
…and also thanks for the note about scaling… Will save a lot of agro.

Thanks again