Spin view at X, Y 2d in 3d

one thing that always gets me is the trackball turntable middle mouse click view orbiting.
When trying to line something up thats not square straight like a ring getting the view to display the object in a 90 degree angle is somewhat impossible.

Has this ever been looked at ? For instance say you get your target in view, but now you want to see it top up instead of rotated upside down like. A simple spin of the view like rotating a 2d image in image editor would be key …

Not in 3d space anymore just the view it’self , as in not 2 4 6 8 keys , that still moves in 3d space, I just want to <-- spin the view like it was a 2d image or like is was viewing from teh top view and used 4 6
Like how pan edits just the 2d view

Once you get your face-on viewport (Numpad * useful here), snap a camera to the view with ctrl-alt-num0 then rotate the camera 180 degrees.

yeah but thats such a hack

So what? I don’t have to do it that often, and it takes less than a second. Much quicker than waiting around for someone to write the patch.