Spin with snap?

It is possible, using “snap to vertices,” to rotate one vertex around, say, the 3D cursor, so it is pointing toward another vertex. Is it also possible to have that vertex be trailed by others, like with the “spin” command, but without specifying the angle directly, instead “snapping” the rotation of the final vertex to a target?

Pivot = Cursor, Snap = vertex, Magnet = On
Select one vertex and rotate.

Ah, that’s exactly what I said was possible at first, and exactly how I do it, yes.

So, is it possible to replace “rotate” with “spin” and get an arc of a circle stretching from the original vertex’s position to where the vertex would be if I had rotated it in this manner?

Sorry, I did read wrong. I dont know what do you mean, but look edge fillet plus, you can make arcs between 2 edges (3 vertices).
Video link