where are all the old F9 spin vars?
but also the screw tools spindup and duplivert face ect

i had a face selected and saw in tool panel in edit mode the spin button
and i tried it and it did a spin of that face!

have we lost all the vars we had for spin in old F9?


most likely it hasn’t been integrated completely yet, as are a lot of tools and settings.

The vars are at the bottom of the tool list. Click the spin button, then look below the lowest line in the tool box and you will see the parameters. Once you click and do something else, they disappear and you can not get them back so it is important to be happy with the spin before you move on.

Heck, I can’t even find the spin button. I lay down a bezier curve, tab to edit mode, hit F9 and it just ain’t there. I don’t even get the mesh tools panel.

In blender 2.5, press ‘T’ to show the tool shelf.