Spinach Can

My firts trhead on this forum.
It’s a Spinach can inspired on Pop’eye cartoon.

I’ll work in table and in background.



very good .
the can is looking real.

i think u should work a bit on you table texture
it to shiny and reflective ,and i can see that the cranks between the boards is not real

keep the good work :slight_smile:


I change the renderer to LuxRender, and the materials for the table and metal looks nicer.
Next step is work on table.


This appears so much better. Great job!

looking great, but i think you should add some normal texture to the table,because it looks like plastic :slight_smile:

working on table and material.


a little better.
The table could use a little tweaking…also change the background
Maybe add an opened can with some spinach inside