SpinBall-Work in Progress**Help Wanted!**

Hi, I have actually decided to buckle down and make a game, I have begun to set everything up in terms of what I want to do, but I need some help on HOW to do it.
I have a folder here with all my things related to my game, Including a mission, and technical paper, along with concept art. I will be constantly adding stuff as I complete it.

If anyone has any time, I would ask that they would help me find the information I need. I have it all in the folder but ATM I really need to find out about these thingsā€¦

  1. Mapping the mouse to a longer paddle, where when you move the mouse, it moves the paddle. (I know NO python) ((I also have a mac :frowning: ))

  2. How to create a timer.
    (I found a tut, on this, so I will be looking at it shortly, although if anyone has any tips or tricks, they would be most appreciated.)

Again, I will update constantly, and if you have any extra time, help would be appreciatedā€¦ However I am not skilled in the GE, so please bear with me.

Thanks in advance for those who would help!


Here: Timer