Spindup Lamp Objects


I have a mesh that I want to spindup into a full circle. I can do this fine with the mesh, but I want the lamp objects associated with it to spindup as well. Since spindup deals with verticies and not objects, it doesn’t seem capable of doing this with lamps.

Is there some way I can do this or get the similar effect?



You can Duplivert your lamp to a mesh object. This will create copies of the lamp at each vertex in the object. See more in the wiki: http://wiki.blender.org/index.php/Manual/DupliVerts

Thank you for your reply.

While your suggestion is a way for me to duplicate the lamps in a circle following the primary object, I would have to create a ring-mesh for every lamp to have all the vertices in the right places.

I am dealing with some 32 lamps per instance of my primary mesh (I’ll have 36 instances of the primary mesh spinduped). It would make dupliverting lamps very tedious. It there another way?


There is not any other way I know of. Instead of using SpinDup for your original object. Create a parent object for it and the lamps and then use this one parent to duplivert the objects and lamps.

I have resigned to using dupliverts but am encountering another problem. I can get my base mesh to rotate with each vertex of the dupliverted circle, but the lamps are not rotating. This is probably because the lamps are point objects, and any offset will be treated as a world-offset rather than an offset relative to a vertex.

I hope this is clear. If you have tips that I could use in this situation, please pass them along.

I should add another detail. I have the lamps parented to the mesh segment I want to duplicate around the ring. Even doing this, they do not follow the rotation of that mesh segment when it is parented to the ring and duplivert+rotated.