spining an object

I Will like to know how can I spin a circule (logo) and if I can save it to a jpeg

If your talking about an animation of a logo you can either output it as a movie (avi etc) or as separate jpg pics for each frame. What are you using it for.

For the actual rotation, you can keyframe it at a rotation of 90degs then extrapolate the ipo curve so it spins forever…

Thanks a lot for your reply, :rolleyes: basicly what I’m planing to do is a logo animation for a flash website loading page - I will like to sping for ever and I guest will spin for 90d , so witch one is better jpeg or avi? since I’m new to the IPO tools how do I do this.


  1. Start on frame 1. Select your logo. Press the I key and select “rot”
  2. Go to frame 50.
  3. Press the R key and type in “90”. Press enter.
  4. Press the I key and select “rot”.
  5. Go to frame 100.
  6. Repeat steps 3 and 4.
  7. Press Alt-A to preview your animation.
  8. Press the ANIM button if you’re happy with your animation.

You can loop the animation with flash to make it go on forever.

OK! I follow everything but how many times does it go true the counting,
can I stop it or do I have to wait till finish so I can have the animation done.

alt-a will repeat forever, hit escape to stop it.

The rendering (pressing the anim button) will only go through each frame once.

You also want to check the start and end frames, they only want to be set at something like 1 to 100 (24 frames a second remember, so 50 frames to rotate 180 degrees would take 2 seconds).

Have you used the ipo window yet? It would be useful here, I’ll explain how to use it if you haven’t yet.


Thanks - so after I put in the frames in (1 - 100) where do I put the 180d, cause when I render only render one frame and also this is my first time using the ipo tool so it will be nice if you show me some tips, thanks a lot!!:cool:

Any body in the IPO Tut - just need to know how can I use the IPO to spin my project and how should I render the animation with the right settings>

I’ve got to go out now, but tomorrow if nobody has I’ll do you a tutorial and give you a couple of blends.

I make animated gifs from blender so I’ll give a quick guide on rotations

Go to frame 1, press [i] rot
Go to frame 20, [r] 90 to rotate 90 degs
Press [i] rot
This now has rotated your object 90 degs over 20 frames
Go to the render panel and set the end frame to 76 frames (work it out….bonus points)
Split the main screen (do you know how?)
And choose the ipo window
The diagonal line is your 90deg curve
Press [a] in that window to select the curve (line actually but…)
From the menu choose curve,>extend mode > extrapolate
Now press alt+a to see it rotate forever……
Go to the render panel and in the format section choose the avi (I use the codec version). Set the size you want mine are usually 150 pixels and press anim and wait
The file is in your render folder
Hope this makes sense… I did type a fuller explanation but the site kicked me out and I lost it. I must remember to type in word first and copy+paste to save tears 

Nice! finaly I got it to rotate this thing - but how can I set the frames in the IPO to repete the frames a again and also the speed of the animation.

video tutorial on keyframing and ipo curves:

do a right click and “save as” the save to your computer